Patios and Walkways

Patios are extensions of living space within the landscape. Whether intimate or expansive, isolated from or adjacent to your home, patios integrate pattern, texture and color into your garden. Many choices in material, style, color, and pattern exist. Patios can be combined with walks or stair systems to make the transition from one elevation to the next. Enhance your landscape with our outdoor lightning suitable for walkways and garden paths.

Flagstone is the general term for the natural stone used in walkways and patios. Hand selected and Slate are commonly used types of flagstone. The flagstone available locally is in fact quarried all over the world. It gives your patio a natural or rustic feel. Flagstone comes in broken and dimensional shapes. It is a durable and low maintenance surface for patios and pathways.

Flagstone is generally set in sand, as a result it easier to move the stone and reuse them, if desired. Ground cover or a concrete mix can be nessled between the edges of the stone to create an appealing look.

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