Concrete and Hardscape

Incorporating masonry work into your landscape can enhance existing features of your home or create entirely new outdoor living spaces. The look of distinction that stonescapes and outdoor structures add to any landscape is undeniable. We create a sense of permanence and elegant refinement to any property. When designed with vision and a unique flair, hardscapes create sturdy and effective functionality while aesthetically expanding the look of your home into the outdoor environment. Hardscapes by Landscape Productions are always an expression of our excellence. Each hardscape is a unique design, using color, texture and dimension to bring one-of-a-kind elegance to the finished project.

Creating a garden shouldn’t make you feel like you’re on a slippery slope. Retaining walls, landscape terracing, or rock outcroppings are a great way to create a more useful and beautiful garden. Retaining walls are built for slope management, drainage control, and aesthetic purposes. Natural stone is typically used for low-rise retaining walls and across slopes to provide pockets for plantings. The use of stone in the landscape can create a variety of appearances. Block walls use various interlocking systems for increased stability for low to high-rise retaining walls. It is the strongest wall material and most likely will last the longest. Cement block walls offers a clean “industrial” look that could add a modern feel to the garden.

Concrete is the most common patio surface and the most versatile of patio materials. Decorative concrete patios can be stained, stamped and etched.

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